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Generate Personalized,
High-Quality Student Feedback

Work smarter not harder. Faculty Feedback Factory is designed to help online and e-learning
faculty members generate personalized, high-quality student feedback -- quickly and efficiently.


  • Customizable Feedback

    Don't sacrifice high-quality or settle for insufficient student feedback -- save time by working from your own reusable and rearrangeable templates of feedback snippets. Quickly add and rearrange snippets of feedback by assignment and course -- in your own words!

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    Use drag-and-drop to quickly rearrange snippets and construct customized narratives. No need to copy and paste or retype individual sentences. Toggle individual snippets to construct a personalized, customized, high-quality paragraph of narrative feedback for each student.

  • Simple Copy/Paste Export

    Personalize feedback with the student's first name. Store a list of student names per course and quickly cycle through them as you complete your grading. Simply copy and paste the feedback into your LMS -- and then tweak it as needed!


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